This course in the operational use of light tactical drones (short to medium range), for reconnaissance missions, Intel, target acquisition, convoy self-protection, is aimed at operational order and security units (special force operators, soldiers, military police, firefighters…)

Theoretical and practical training goes over regulations in effect, piloting, usual and contingency procedures, Intel search and help in setting up target packages. After a hand on training, which aims to give full autonomy to the new operator, these techniques are then applied during a live situation training. The operator is then able to conduct a mission with optimal security and discretion, day or night, over long distances.

It is as much training for the field operators as it is a mean to help deciders better understand how to use this particular asset. Basing itself on the “know hows” acquired by the French army during its more recent operations, especially in Africa and the middle east, Mi²lton offers a 1 or 2 weeks course, following the client’s needs. The equipment used for the training courses is identical as the one used by the operators deployed abroad. The start of the course will be done on a simulator and a training drone that will allow to get the gist of the machine in a secure way.

At the end of the course, a Competency Level Declaration (DNC) will be handed to the trainees that have demonstrated all necessary skills. The Mi²lton drone range has been authorized by the “Directorate general for Civil Aviation” :Scenarios S-1, S-2, S-3 Mi²lton is registered as a training organism at the New –Aquitaine prefecture (police headquarters)