In order to answer to a regular intel need or military operations planning, the Photogrammetry course setup by MI²LTON enables, from photos, to obtain detailed 2D/3D geo-referenced terrain compartments, airport, electronic plants, industrial installations, camps, barracks, Headquarters, port installations, energy producing plants, particular infrastructures, etc… Aerial photos coming from the drone allow a proactive analysis (terrain recce, threats, useful Intel on area of operations, replace out of date satellite pictures and digital cartography. The data is then exploitable with SIG software.

  • This course is aimed at operational order and security units (special force operators, soldiers, military police, firefighters…)

  • Theoretical and practical training will brush all steps of the cycle, especially fundamental principles of Photogrammetry but also areal strategical reception that answers to the specificity of sensible missions that operators take part in and the standards of photogrammetry. After a hand on training, which aims to give full autonomy to the new operator, these techniques are then applied during a live situation training. The operator is at that stage able to use automatic flight techniques to collect data and georeferenced images with a certain discretion and optimal security, but also to understand and process the collected images for future analysis.

  • Basing itself on the “know hows” acquired by the French army during its more recent operations, especially in Africa and the middle east, Mi²lton offers a 1 or 2 weeks course, following the client’s needs. The MI²LTON drone range has been authorized by the “Directorate general for Civil Aviation” : Scenarios S-1, S-2, S-3. MI²LTON is registered as a training organism at the New –Aquitaine prefecture (police headquarters).