Our Ethics

MI²LTON’s first rule is always to adapt to the client’s needs. Each company being different, it is for us vital to adapt to match each demand with an accessible and innovative solution.The main goal being to create added value to our clients.


In order to stay continuously at the peak of innovation, one of the company’s big principles will be to always evolve in a “BETA” version, to grow permanently in a testing phase. It is the best way for any kind of entity to always question itself.


All the know-hows of MI²LTONs members were testes in very sensible territories. The sum of these experiences are now to be found in the company to able the matching of each product or service proposed to a logical and adaptable solution, whatever the clients initial needs may be.


Hardly gained but easily lost, we give a lot of importance to the company’s corporate identity. This is why the seriousness and honesty of all the company members is at the fore point during exchanges with all of our partners.