Industrial inspection

Industrial innovation at the heart of its actions, MI²LTON provides its partners with areal drones and simplifies the control missions. This way, MI²LTON can intervene in very difficult access areas all while allowing its clients to inspect their installations and direct the inspections in a live manner. Rendering is easily confirmed and critical zones are determined and inspected. Following which type of data is desired (photography, video, thermography or orthophotographical data), we will adapt the features of the drone.

Technical inspection consists of exploring a structure in order to preserve the security of its users. Today, it is essentially done with the help of mobile elevated platform, scaffoldings or even ropes but only with a “man view”. The typology of the structures makes these kinds of inspections very costly and can often be hazardous for the operators.
The main advantages in using drones for inspections are to reduce costs, human risks and to be time efficient. The quality of collected data (precision, volume and temporality) is greater. Digitalization of the state of buildings and structures improves the monitoring and the exploitation of data with the help of pics and videos. Sometimes 2D is not sufficient and the analysis can be made more easily on 3D deformations observation.

During the inspection of an oil rig for example, a team of rope technicians can take twice the time that a drone would for a visual inspection and will not be able to access some parts of the structure. Structures that need inspections and diagnostic cover a very large scope of applications:

- Oil and Gas industrial sites
- Nuclear plants
- Photovoltaic plant
- Bridges, viaducs, dams, tunnels, pylons…
- Railways