Geomatic service

The Geomatic service offered by MI²LTON regroups the whole array of tools and methods that allow to acquire, analyze and integrate geographical data. This is a global solution that consists of two or three distinctive activities; collection, processing and dissemination of geographical data. This MI²LTON products and services are aimed for professionals of the geomatics world, topography, cartography, but also SMB’s and big businesses in France or abroad that wish to physically expand, for local authorities, administrations for urban planning, and many more… Geomatics is a varied and exciting field that calls on science and technology in order to measure Earth’s features. It allows to establish the topographical plans of a town, an urban or an agricultural zone, a valley, a quarry, an open mine or a watercourse, a lake or a laguna, with all natural or artificial details of the pictured areas. Geomatics also offers all the means to follow live people, vehicles and events on the planet: natural disasters, floods, forest fires, climate changes, etc…. MI²LTON therefore offers an ortophotography solution, images assembly that gives a precise visual of a large geographical area. This rendering is obtained with the help of numerous high-res images taken by our multi-rotor areal drones, or vertical takeoff planes, that enable the setup of an interesting array of missions. From precise data collecting on a 10 Hectare area with a multi-rotor drone, to wide scale collection on a much bigger area with an asset that is able to fly big distances. Collected data is georeferenced and can be superposed to a map or a SIG plan (Geographical Information System) With drone photogrammetry, modeling a 3D area allows the creation of plans, models diagnostics, precise measurements and calculations (lengths, surfaces, volumes). It’s a major issue in building management. Possibility to access High-res precision cartographical photogrammetry; This evolution opens new opportunities for fields like Measurement, technical inspections, research inspections (surveyors, archeologists, topographers, architects, mappers, industries…)

Exterior or interior data taken in this setup will often conduct to realizations such as:

  • 3D models/ models (BIM, architecture, 3D visits)

  • Interior floor plans (evacuation plan, contingency plan)

  • 3D cloud mapping (measurements, technical inspections)

  • An innovative service with strong added value.